Best Time Of The Week

     The best time of my week is Friday night. My weekend is fully ahead of me (like saving the middle of an Oreo cookie) and the week is over.. The endless possibilities of how I fill my time- in front of me. I can really say that I appreciate these evening moments. Usually I may do some chores here and there but then…it is time to relax. This is my breather before I determine what tomorrow will bring. I pour my glass of wine – maybe more, and the respite begins.

     I no longer relate Friday to being a night out. Oh I remember the days of not so long ago. When Friday came with a rush to get ready, out the door and connect with friends to party. Maybe it is my age…but I don’t apologize as I love just being home. Watching t.v. or reading a book, with my husband nearby. I feel myself hugged by contentment. I draw a sigh and appreciate the moment. Appreciate my life with my best friend. Cliche!  I know… but it is true. Maybe that is why these Friday nights are so special. No rush for tomorrow. Just simply being in the present. Relaxed with a feeling of accomplishment for another week completed -together we share our thoughts, our concerns and most importantly our laughter. And frankly, that makes Friday night my favorite time of the week.

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