Packed And Ready…Not Quite

     Getting ready for an annual girls’ weekend. Can’t wait to go but geez do I hate packing. Not that I have to take a lot of things but just trying to decide puts undue pressure on me. What will the weather be like? Where will we be going? Just a lot of thinking in order to get ready to relax. But like every year I will end up taking too much clothing and returning with a vow that next year I will be more sensible.

     Sensible packing…always wished I could be like those people I see checking in with one little suitcase. I want to walk up and say “tell me your secret.” They stand there looking a bit smug and confident with their decision-making skills. So I tell myself that it must be just an over nighter trip, makes me feel more competent. I am always nervous when we get to check the baggage and I watch the scales with anticipation. Did I do good? I really tried and went through to pare it down a bit. Usually I just make it by with an obvious look by the airline employee. My husband then whips his luggage over – one-handed – and gets a thank you sir smile from her. Don’t tell me she isn’t playing coy, she knows how much it takes a woman to get ready. A straightener, curling iron – yes it is possible and probable to use both during one hair session fellas- various shoes, and jackets/coats as well as the mainstay of clothing. I tell myself that layering is safest but you gotta take all the layers to be effective.
     This spring my husband and I went out west. When we checked in for our return flight my luggage was over the limit. Now we were in a very small airport in Flagstaff and not much he (notice I said he) could do but pay the overcharge. I hung my head like someone who was carrying contraband. Yep, I took too much and obviously brought extra home. I didn’t think it was possible. I almost asked to look in it and see what was packed in there by mistake.

     Well I need to get back to that packing for the weekend. I tell myself…remember…three days and 2 nights…I can do it this time. I will shock them all as I appear a bit smug and confident in my decision-making skills sauntering in with a little bag. There is no kidding myself. I know my obsessive qualities too well.. This weekend is all about relaxation. In order for that to happen I must now stress over what to take. Simplify my life, I’m all about it except when it comes to packing.

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