I Should Have Known

     I marvel at her inner strength. She has repeatedly faced the harsh winds of adversity head on. Invariably conscious of what the challenge may bring and prepared to give it her all. I should have known. I saw this in her as a young child learning to walk and talk. As a little one, she strived to reach her milestones as if running a race with her brothers. Gymnastics…soccer…softball…track… basketball…volleyball- always a true competitor and loyal teammate. Scholastics…perfection was her goal and she was incessantly prepared to do her best. I should have known. Fearless she traveled across the world to study in a country, knowing no one. I should have known.

     I marvel at her tenacity. Through the years she has faced many a challenge but has never given up. Numerous surgeries, chronic illnesses and ongoing visits to specialists. She has maintained a clear head, strong voice and determination to pull all she can from life. I should have known.

     I marvel at her inner beauty. Shining through her is a compassion and empathy for others that radiates like the warm sun. Something so beautiful, something that can not be taught but must come from the soul. Her patience makes me awestruck. Her demeanor – proud. I should have known.

     So today, as I sat in another Dr.’s office with her- I looked at this amazing young woman. Once again strong, her inner resources ready to face another challenge. Purposeful and resolute in understanding what she is up against, who her next competitor will be. I see her staring this provocation down like she did so many times before. I should have known. She will meet another adversary…duel another day…and give it her all. She will do this with grace. I will always be there by her side to cheer her on, I will always admire her determination. I should have known.
I’ll love you forever
I’ll like you for always
As long as I’m living
My baby you’ll be

– Robert Munsch

3 Replies to “I Should Have Known”

  1. A daughter as strong and beautiful as her mother with the ability to lean on each other in good and bad times. Though the road today looks long and bumpy the light at the end of the tunnel will be bright and sunny. Thinking of the both of you today and during your next journey.


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