Autumn…My Favorite Season

Autumn in Vermont

   Slowly, and with little notice, he becomes a routine visitor bringing me brisk, fresh air early in the day and bidding me goodbye midmorning. As the days grow shorter- he tarries longer. I welcome his stay knowing that it is a brief sojourn between the heat of summer and the cold of winter. His name is Autumn and he is my favorite season- as long as I keep winter at a safe distance in my mind. Autumn is a time of reflection and winding down from the sweat and fever of the summer. He brings with him magnificent change in the air and soon displays himself amongst the trees. Painting my outside world by mid October, my surroundings splashed with the warmth of red, orange, yellow and brown. Autumn is such an accomplished artist.

     Crock pot dinners and warm creamy soups become my comfort foods in autumn. But my favorite is the rich taste of pumpkin pie with a hint of spice. One bite and I know autumn is here. With autumn in the air, I recover my soft and bulky sweaters which awaken from their long summer slumber. My list of outdoor projects I gladly tuck away until next year and life slows down. I relax while evening fires warm my hands and feet as I sit out in the cool, crisp night as flames crackle and dance and the stars shine above. I sip my favorite bottle of wine warming me inside and the world takes a deep breath. Another year is soon ending and this is a time of reflection and gathering of friends.

     I am autumn born and maybe that is why I find it call to my heart. So when I turned 50 there was no better place to visit than Vermont – where autumn goes all out to display its beauty. It was there that I found myself wandering in a Norman Rockwell painting. I almost could not leave. It was a beautiful birthday and one I won’t forget.

     Autumn reminds me that life is a cycle…in a constant motion of change. The painted trees will soon lose their leaves in the winter wind. The graceful drifting of leaves upon the ground will blanket the grass then quietly wither and the world will still. Everyone deserves to witness the artistry of autumn. Everyone should see how amazing and resplendent this change can be. Change is good. Slowing my pace to appreciate life around me is good, and these are the gifts that are brought by autumn.

4 Replies to “Autumn…My Favorite Season”

  1. Eloquent, as always. I’ve shared this one on my blog. I, too, love autumn. Interesting, though – for me — perhaps because the academic year became so ingrained? – to me, autumn is a fresh start, the beginning of the cooler months when I am most productive & happy. Thank you. What a wonderful treat to begin the day with your whispers in the wind…


  2. Words that touch my soul and warm my Autumn heart…as a child of Autumn, I, too, find it the most glorious time of the year…I feel sad for those who don’t have the seasons of change b/c change is what heightens our appreciation and love of what we do have…great post, xo Ally


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