My Bib Overalls

a winter past… here on the farm

     There are some things in life that I just don’t want to part with and one are my winter overalls. Yep, those beautiful, hang below the crotch bibs that keep me warm early in the morning when I venture out to do my barn chores. Once I start wearing them…I just can’t stop until spring. Somehow I become dependent upon them and if not worn the winter seems to cut right through me (even on a sunny winter day). I hold out as long as I can but at some point I don them with an eagerness equated with a new outfit- and they are anything but…

     A couple of years ago I sprang for new ones as I caught the old on a rusty nail sticking out of the wall of the barn. The rip was huge on my left thigh. I gasped in panic. The iron on patch could only hold it together for a winter and the thermal stuffing was sneaking out whenever it could. So…there I was in the farm store looking for another. I tell you there is nothing glamorous in finding a new pair of overalls. They do not look very trendy or fashionable on the hangers (or on me) and the sizes….oh to get a pair to fit over jeans and a sweatshirt takes courage and determination. This is much more than buying boots ½ size larger to take in account for heavy socks. Currently I sport a deep purple pair with frayed leg bottoms. I don’t know why I bought purple but at least they were in a women’s size. Somehow the makers still have this hang up about the crotch though…Oh well.

     My faithful purple overalls are currently hanging up waiting to be used again tomorrow morning. We will meet up…no exchange of hello but maybe a yawn or two from me…and head out. But I could not get through the winter without them. Maybe as I get older I realize comfort is becoming more important than fashion….Oh boy- I don’t own any velour sweatpants  yet but who knows….

3 Replies to “My Bib Overalls”

  1. If only you knew how many times I have wandered the aisles of the farm store, looking longingly at the bib overalls — in khaki tan for me – wishing I could justify buying a pair. (My love for farm stores and hardware stores is another tale.) We have no barn 😦 although one has been on my Christmas wish list for at least forty years. I have no outdoor animals to feed, but would love a few sheep to tend – but then, without a barn, where would they find shelter? One day, I promise myself, I will find a reason to woman-up and buy myself some insulated bib overalls. At least now I know I’m not alone in my love for them. I like that yours are purple, you stylish alpaca-tender, you!


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