today’s thought…


Together is where we need to be. A place of compromise, respect with empathy added to the mix. Together is empowering and can be life changing. Grasping the hand of another with inclusion and not letting go. Standing side by side and not towering over with belittlement. Together is sharing of the good and the bad, the easy and the difficult, the sacrifices and the glory, the defeats and the success.

Together is listening as well as speaking. It is not ignoring and it is not shouting. It is not taking without giving. It is not living without loving. On this journey, much must be decided within and alone, yet so much could be handled and problems solved…together. Oh, how do we do it? Together seems so distant and out of reach. So damn far away. How do we ever GET HERE?  The basic formula is below.

TO GET HERE= TOGETHER + E                          E=EMPATHY

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