My Blue Sky

     Dear science I respect you greatly, testing your theories and determined to find out the truths in life. But I have one simple request.. One secret that I must hold distant from my mind. One denial that I must forever keep. So I ask you…

My Backyard Sky

     Don’t tell me the sky isn’t really blue. I can handle just about everything science has quantified …evolution, black holes, and even a dabbling of quantum physics. But don’t tell me the sky isn’t really blue. I grasp the threat of global warming and I understand time is a man-made concept. I understand some basic principles of space and atomic structure. But don’t tell me when I lie in the grass and gaze upon the deep blue sea above me that it is not really what I see. Watching the white wisps and cotton ball clouds silently drift as they are brushed by the wind – to then discover that beautiful blue peeking through teasing me. Don’t tell me the sky isn’t really blue.

     Don’t tell me the sky isn’t really blue. I understand that life is hard and unfair. I realize that I make my own choices and participate in my own destiny. I know that there is a time for all seasons and change is good. I realize that there is good and bad in the world yet not every thing is black and white. But please, don’t tell me the sky isn’t really blue.

     I need the sky to be blue. Blue is my favorite color and gives me peace. It is a rich blanket that comforts and assures me like an old friend. A sky of blue gives me reassurance that the day will be filled with sunshine and warm to my skin. So again I plead, don’t tell me the sky isn’t really blue.

     I want the sky to be blue. Blue is full of imagination and hope. It calms the heart and steadies the soul. Blue is the perfect color for the sky above me. The blue sky is living beauty in a sometimes dark and stressful world. It taunts me to reach out and touch it full knowing that I can’t. It teaches me to reach for my dreams no matter how far away they seem. And let’s not forget, it is that amazing blue sky that creates the breathtaking sunsets. Don’t tell me the sky isn’t really blue. I just plain refuse to believe it.

(author’s note: a scientist Lord Rayleigh discovered that the reason we see the sky as blue is because of the particular gasses in our atmosphere and the way blue light rays are dispersed when exposed to sun radiation. In other words, the other colors of light travel through and the short wave length of blue is reflected. I claim ignorance of this fact.)

2 Replies to “My Blue Sky”

  1. I, too, love the color blue, Charlesy Jane. It soothes me, comforts me, wraps me in warmth in winter and keeps me cool in summer. And don’t you worry, Charlesy — I know that sky is blue, and sometimes just knowing, just believing, well, that is enough.


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