My Little Love Note

images (2)Capturing the right words to express my pure love and gratitude for you…well it is much like trying to take hold of the sweet summer breeze that gently brushes my face. A daunting task as I cherish you beyond description.

Life can bring many storms upon my door. I find that you unselfishly provide me with a shelter of warmth, compassion, respect, safety and stability…when the clouds have gathered and the thunder roars.

Life can bring darkness, despair and a chill to my heart. Your love is my sunshine that chases away the bitter cold and brightens my soul.

Life can bring many challenges and obstacles. Difficult days yet with you I feel hope, encouragement and a precious peace. I look towards tomorrow and dare to dream with you by my side.

But not to forget, life can bring laughter, celebration and exquisite joy. This I have found with you. I absolutely could not imagine life any other way. I believe that I have known you forever and a day and I will love you every bit as long…or longer.


f1c956390d6f7642a81fc680448af252     The American dream has always been to own a house. For many it is made of brick, timber or stone. The size and grandeur dictated by the needs, wants and finances of the owner. The colors carefully chosen and the effect upon the neighborhood deliberate. A house can showcase our individuality and creativity while it shelters us from the winter snows and spring rains.  A house becomes an outward symbol of our success while the material goods locked behind the doors are there to satisfy our possessive natures. But a house does not make a home.

     Home…a simple four letter work that resonates with warmth when softly and smoothly spoken. For me it is a place that won’t be found on any map or GPS. Home is a precious place of deep feelings full of love, companionship, trust, respect and honesty. Its grandeur succeeds even the greatest of mansions built. A home is not to be seen by eyes but felt by the heart. It houses my soul.

     My home is made in the arms of my best friend and husband. Where ever we are together in life…that is where my home exists. In the mountains, on the lake….in a tent or in a house. I am at home when I am with him whether we are traveling down the highway or sitting quietly on a porch swing. Home gives me comfort in times of stress and struggles. It is that place in my soul that shines where life feels most complete. It reminds me that love is as real as the sunshine that falls upon my face. As real as the darkest of days and the longest of nights. I am fifty plus years into my life journey…and I am home at last.

Best Time Of The Week

     The best time of my week is Friday night. My weekend is fully ahead of me (like saving the middle of an Oreo cookie) and the week is over.. The endless possibilities of how I fill my time- in front of me. I can really say that I appreciate these evening moments. Usually I may do some chores here and there but then…it is time to relax. This is my breather before I determine what tomorrow will bring. I pour my glass of wine – maybe more, and the respite begins.

     I no longer relate Friday to being a night out. Oh I remember the days of not so long ago. When Friday came with a rush to get ready, out the door and connect with friends to party. Maybe it is my age…but I don’t apologize as I love just being home. Watching t.v. or reading a book, with my husband nearby. I feel myself hugged by contentment. I draw a sigh and appreciate the moment. Appreciate my life with my best friend. Cliche!  I know… but it is true. Maybe that is why these Friday nights are so special. No rush for tomorrow. Just simply being in the present. Relaxed with a feeling of accomplishment for another week completed -together we share our thoughts, our concerns and most importantly our laughter. And frankly, that makes Friday night my favorite time of the week.