Change Is Good?

     My new best friends are with me everyday. They support me like none other and they are ready in a moment’s notice. I sincerely do not know what I would do without them. Well I do know, I would be walking around blind most of my day. I would not be able to read my work notes or answer to a text message with any semblance of intelligence. My knitting would be worse than it is and my cooking skills…oh boy, lets not even go there. Those lovely readers that I must have at my beck and call. The ones that fit so well on the bottom third of my nose. I remember when I was young, I did not understand why anyone would wear them perched in such a silly way. Now, I have found the answer. How else can I look clearly ten feet away while still able to see three feet in front of me. I make the best of it by buying colored frames of blue, animal print and striped browns. I tell the world that this is a fashion statement while I know the truth. This is middle age and I am smack dab stuck in it. Again I sigh, as I tell myself change is good.

     Ok, I know that change is good but there are always exceptions. I put aging in this debarment category, right at the top of the list. I wake up each day to new wonders as I have never known before. My heels burn as my feet hit the floor and my ankles strain like I had run a mile or two. I sigh, I cautiously shift from foot to foot. I have learned the walk yet I am not proud of it. So there are days I grit my teeth and plow ahead forcing myself to fully endure the pain. It is an act of defiance against this unwelcome reminder of my age and change.

     I can’t forget to mention one more area where aging has crept into my life. Rather- I do forget. I forget where I am going when I enter the room. I forget where my car is parked in the vast lot, and I forget to take my list with me. The list I made so I would not forget. And there are even days (gasp) that I forget to take one of my best friends with me. I shudder. I panic. And I go to the store to buy a new pair.

     Life is good. Change is good. But would somebody please make an exception- for me.

One Reply to “Change Is Good?”

  1. Ah, yes, sweet Change. The readers, the forgetting. My worst, to date, and I’m sure there will be more, was the day I mentioned my son’s age, 26. He looked at me, puzzled – concerned, too, I think – and said “Mom… That was last year. I’m 27 now.” I’m not sure how you can forget your oldest child’s age. It’s not like I could go to the store for a new one…


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