Lesson Learned

untitled     I am going to take a moment to apologize to my left hand. Yep, my left hand…the weak one that I laugh at because it has horrible penmanship, is not good enough for a handshake with a new friend, and simply is always used to assist and never take charge. I miss you. A couple little stitches yesterday has rendered me helpless throughout my day. I promise not to take you for granted once I can clip those buggers off and you are healed. The lesson that I have learned is not to take others for granted even though they may not be the leaders but the quiet followers. To appreciate those that assist in small ways throughout the day and not necessarily always that “hero” at day’s end. Maybe somehow we need to think more of this when we look at society as a whole…not just at the leaders and our “heroes” but at those who quietly go about the day and we only appreciate once they are no longer there and we miss them. Have a good one!

 Update: Tomorrow I snip out those pesky stitches on lefty. I promise to give you more respect and responsibility. Maybe I will try golf left handed because little miss righty sure is no good at it.

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