A heavy word for sure. Disengagement is synonymous with isolation, severing, withdrawal, and break.  It can be taken as apathy and/or detachment. Sigh…not something I want to strive for in my life. Yet at times it seems to be an emancipation or extrication of sorts. Shedding something that weighs heavy and cumbersome. Freeing oneself from angst. Heavy stuff, huh? Disengagement.

There are times I deeply consider the act of disengagement. The thoughts of severing myself from the unfounded claims, nonfactual verbage, dog whistles and frenzied words and phrases all posted to create division and perpetrate hate. I love discourse, I love deep discourse. Yet above an ardent discussion, I have an affinity for reading facts in my learning. Discovering truth in learning is important and I do not want to compromise. But then comes the isolation. The break. No longer seeing the beautiful shared sunsets and families, successes shared whether big or small, the generations of tomorrow growing up before my eyes, the touching shared words of encouragement…and YOU.  I do appreciate you. Yes sometimes I become a bit brassy and overly impassioned…duly noted.

Well the conundrum continues…oh just scroll past, you say with a roll of the eyes. I know, I know…Point well taken but to be honest, really honest…words mean so much to me even though at times I may sputter them out and dangle a preposition or two. I take my words seriously, and I take yours as such as well. So, my friends…those of you who have chosen to befriend me on fb…those who have not unfollowed my jibberish … or those with the power to scroll past without a care. I am trying.  But please consider that when you post, you are placing your thoughts out there to be heard by others, digested by others and regurgitated by some. Social media can bring us together but it can also tear us apart. While I will always speak out on behalf of equality and fairness and against oppression, it is my hope that the future becomes a better place for everyone.

I end this chatter of mine with my favorite word of all…Namaste…. The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you. And today…I will deter from disengagement. What tomorrow brings…I simply do not know.

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