The Journey of Life

Vermont Country Road

     The joy in the journey is a reflection of the trip you take. It is the rocky road, the stormy winds and the sunshine in your face. How boring would the trip be if the scenery did not change. If you try to seek some joy in the everyday then you will find the traveling a bit smoother. No one knows your journey but you. No one knows the good and the bad, the bitter and the sweet that you have tasted along the way. But sweet without bitter would not taste as sweet. For what could we compare it to?

     Yet I would be remiss if I did not give support to those who travel down very rough paths in life. I have met many in my own journey. Colorful words and blissful thought are wonderful but not reality for all. Many struggles are hard fought battles in the darkness. Feeling alone and unworthy of better choices. Feeling they have no chance to change lanes. Rest stops few and far between. Watching these travelers can make us feel uncomfortable, uneasy and may not be pleasant. But if you lend a hand, an ear or at least a smile…just possibly you will give them a glimmer of hope.

I end my ramblings here with a nod to those who have felt much heartache during their trek. Some have battled difficult illnesses while others have lost loved ones-many too early
along their travels. Their journey may be filled with bittersweet moments that tug at the heart with a heaviness almost too hard to bear. Yet they keep on the road. They are warriors among us. They remind us all that every day must carry it’s own joy, you must try to seek it without waiting for your tomorrows to bring it to you. You must find the joy within your journey and not wait for it at your destination.

4 Replies to “The Journey of Life”

  1. I agree, and have felt the weight of the past upon my shoulders. Always wondering what if, why did my brothers get called to Heaven at such a young age. Countless nights have been spent looking inward, searching for answers. I find joy in the sky that God gives us to cover our world. Sunsets, in particular, fill me with a calmness that can’t be found elsewhere. Just me and the sky…


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