Into The Mystic


Denali, Alaska

     Into The Mystic…my thoughts travel when it is late at night and the sun slumbers. After the world around me quiets and my day is done.  It is this time when I love to explore the mysteries of life and I sink my thoughts deep into the waters of wondering.  I don’t always ask for answers, many times it is just the experience of being that I seek.  The thought that just maybe life is so much more than that which I see with my eyes and feel with my fingers. Maybe it is more than the sounds that fill my ears and the scents that beset my nose.  I ponder.

     Of course there are times when I have lost my way and my thoughts become frustrated fragments.  Bits and pieces of things I must do, things that I can not control and things that cause me angst.  When my travel brings me here, I hope for resolution to sweep me away. Otherwise, my night becomes long and difficult.  No longer my friend, time creeps slowly past not speaking a word but maintaining its presence.

     I want to voyage into the mystic and take myself to places much larger than me.  Places where the daily problems don’t matter in the grander scheme and life is fuller with less in it. Places where I know I am part of a whole, a piece of the puzzle.  I have meaning and I own space and I am connected with my universe.  A place that is soul-ly mine.  Such a sweet destination for my thoughts… when it is late at night and the sun slumbers.

We were born before the wind
Also younger than the sun
Ere the bonnie boat was won as we sailed into the mystic
Hark, now hear the sailors cry
Smell the sea and feel the sky
Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic

(Into The Mystic …by Van Morrison, one of my favorite songs)

2 Replies to “Into The Mystic”

  1. Words so lovely, that even an attempt at a comment seems so miniscule beside them… Yet I share your journey of exploring, delving deeper into my soul – for me, that time comes most often in the early hours of the morning when I’ve been refreshed by sleep. And now, nearly each morning is enriched by your post from the night before, adding to my quiet, precious morning time when everything and anything seems possible and I am at peace with the world. Thank you for writing, Charlesy Jane. You enrich my life.


    1. But I must thank you for your ongoing encouraging words. Isn’t it funny how I find the late night my time and you the early morning. I don’t know why because I am basically a morning person and up early starting my day. Yet the dark of night is when my mind swims in the pools of wonder.


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