Going Off The Beaten Path

Red Rock Mountains of Sedona

     I think it is good in life to sometimes wander off that familiar road. You know, simply take control of the wheel and make a conscious turn off your well worn path. There may be bumps in this new, unfamiliar world. But at least you won’t be stuck in the rut you created by running those tires and spinning those wheels on the all too familiar of before. Give yourself a chance, look around you and enjoy the newness of the experience.

     I am amazed of the people who just won’t venture out of their comfort zone. They never ever take a road less traveled- and I mean that in the strictest sense. Just one short path away may be something they have always searched for yet will never find it. They build an expectation of what tomorrow will bring based upon what yesterday provided.

     It is as simple as finding a new way to get to one of my usual destinations. I enjoy the surprise as I find myself once again in familiar territory after meandering down a new road. It may be more abstract like reading a new book that may present concepts and thoughts I had never considered before. They may stir more notions in my head that had become stagnant – waking me to new ideas. I may travel this new road by putting myself in a new environment, a new adventure. Something outside of my comfort zone. Life living a bit on the edge. I like that. It reminds me that I am alive.

     You and I may cross paths somewhere along the way. But don’t expect to see me on the same road for my whole trip. I will venture, take the off beaten path now and then, and jump back on to the highway as I see fit. But I will eventually reach my destination as you do- I just hope to do so with no regrets.

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