To My Father


I have never known a man so logical yet willing to explore the world he does not understand. A man so compassionate he gives of himself without a second thought. This man is gentle, kind and quiet. He has never been one to call attention to himself but always stands in the background ready to help at a moment’s notice. No fanfare, no need for recognition or accolades.

     He has been a great teacher to many including me. He has shown me the power of education, the influence of the written word and love of reading, and the beauty of working with my hands in creativity. As a child I followed this DIY magician and watched as he seemed able to fix anything. He has taught me to think through my problems with logic and reasoning.

     He has always been there to support me even if he did not agree with my views. Reserved with his emotions, he never made me feel unloved- quite the contrary as he was never far away when I needed a hug. He helped me prepare my wings for flight out in the world. I am a better person because of him.

     Today Dad turns 83 years young. Only this week he was slinging a sledge and repairing his garage. Amazing man, but he will never ask for help. Two hip replacements and he still owns ladders. He and my mother were married for 51 years when she died suddenly. My father has learned to live life with whatever comes his way. He has truly inspired me and has made my life richer for it. He will continue to offer another the shirt off his back, lend a hand whenever he can. Gentle, kind, quiet and unassuming. I smile, I believe he is an old soul and he is my Dad. I love you. Happy Birthday Dad.


2 Replies to “To My Father”

  1. Happy Birthday to Charlesy Jane’s father! And thank you, for yet another beautiful post. I love the words “old soul,” for they do not mean “aged,” but “genuine, wise, doing what’s right because it is right,” to me. I hope your father knows many more birthdays of feeling loved and appreciated.


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