My Love For Words

      Words are beautiful. We put them together and move them around…the result is amazing. They can sum up our thoughts, add clarity to our emotions and translate our thinking as we share with others. Less we forget, words can speak with anger, biting and cold, cutting like a bitter wind. Yet words can talk of love seducing us with passion and enchanting our hearts. Words can also color our lives with hope as they urge us to dream about a better day tomorrow. I love words. I don’t always respect their spelling but most times, they forgive me and provide me with my simple requests. They become my outlet of expression. I need them.

     Words can sound pretty, singing a tune that dances in our soul. Yet a quick switch of the letters and words can make us cry in sorrow, the dance now ended. I think we take words for granted. Some we say over and over again each time with less expressed meaning. They lose their brilliance, their sparkle. We need to pay attention more when we utter these words and give them substance, believing in them again.

     You can change a life with words. Encouragement and support can be found milling around your vocabulary. However, be cautious because rancor and resentment also live there and they too can easily be expressed in words. Whatever you chose to utter can never be taken back even if forgiven. You see, once spoken- you own them. Make sure you are willing to keep company with them forever.

     I have been known to use the incorrect word a time or two. I have created ill-fitted sentences from time to time. I have been known to transpose two words into meaningless ones, borrowing a letter from one another- ending in nonsense. But I still love words. They help me travel in my quiet moments to places unexpected. They add meaning to my thoughts. Words are beautiful.

5 Replies to “My Love For Words”

  1. I, too, love words Charlesy Jane. I love written words most of all, for I can try them out on the page, make sure they say what I wish, then share only if I want. The magic of word processing makes this all so much easier… delete, cut & paste, copy… Yet best of all, I love handwritten words. They carry personality added to the beauty of the writing, the beauty of the words written there.

    I love your posts. I love your thoughts. I am in awe that you find the time in a busy life to seek out the kind of tranquil mindset that allows your mind to wrap around your thoughts, and then to share them. But I’m glad you do.


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