Answering The Door

How do I move along in life when the wind of time breathes heavily at my back? It pushes my journey down an unexplored dirt road…waiting for my footprints to mark upon the untouched ground before me. I walk this road with a full pack upon my back that carries the treasure of yesterday within its zippered pockets. Once more I yearn to look back on before, filled with the good, the bad and the amazing…memories that flash as quickly as the blink of my eye. I try to grab ahold of them and a few slip into view and make me smile. That bittersweet smile of knowing that yesterday will always be with me but spent like the end of the day- with a beautiful sunset. Something I will always reflect upon.

Yesterday, a time when I looked ahead toward tomorrow with a desire to reach there before today arrives. Yesterday, a time when I thought this chance at change would ever reach my door. But now I hear it knocking… and as I consider answering…I wait.

It is difficult to step into the unknown…exciting yes, but difficult to leave that which is known and familiar. I wish to celebrate this time in my life and I will do so with a cup of sweet, fruity wine and my heart full of times that I will forever cherish. I believe our life journey makes us who we are and who we will be. My sincerest wish is that my past footprints leave something for others to follow upon. I hope those to be made are created with a dance of gratitude. So now I will answer that door… well hello retirement.thN2HJYWXC (2)

Lesson Learned

untitled     I am going to take a moment to apologize to my left hand. Yep, my left hand…the weak one that I laugh at because it has horrible penmanship, is not good enough for a handshake with a new friend, and simply is always used to assist and never take charge. I miss you. A couple little stitches yesterday has rendered me helpless throughout my day. I promise not to take you for granted once I can clip those buggers off and you are healed. The lesson that I have learned is not to take others for granted even though they may not be the leaders but the quiet followers. To appreciate those that assist in small ways throughout the day and not necessarily always that “hero” at day’s end. Maybe somehow we need to think more of this when we look at society as a whole…not just at the leaders and our “heroes” but at those who quietly go about the day and we only appreciate once they are no longer there and we miss them. Have a good one!

 Update: Tomorrow I snip out those pesky stitches on lefty. I promise to give you more respect and responsibility. Maybe I will try golf left handed because little miss righty sure is no good at it.

The Tides of Friendship

 Dilworth_047  I believe true friendship and life are much like the beauty of the ocean waters. The first introduction may even be a little cool to the touch but after some time we find ourselves warming in its wake. We play in the waves of laughter and tears and eventually we may gulp the salty taste of disappointment and grief. But that does not deter true friends from swimming in this vast sea of emotion with each other. For all the days of trying to stay afloat during rough times, there are many more filled with blue skies and calm waters.

Today was a day filled with emotional pain and  deep sorrow for a dear friend who buried her mother after a long illness. As I sat in the church with my friends to support her in this grief, I thought much of this pact of true friendship and the beauty of sharing our very difficult as well as good times with each other. People who are not related by blood, but connected by our hearts. So we band together and help her stay afloat …it is a rough time, and deep water below. She is strong.  Someday she will find the calm water again. The kind that lulls her heart and steadies her breath believing that tomorrow will be better. I just so wanted her to believe this today.