Who do we want to become?

Who do we want to become? Is it wealth that will make us feel fulfilled and successful? Making sure that those who lie below us in the financial bed either rise and shine to work (because they are all just lazy) and get off public assistance…or be drug tested and continuously reminded that they are less valuable and less deserving of our respect…or tax dollars. While we all know many CEO’s and corporate individuals abuse drugs in abandon yet are handed our $$ without anyone giving a care or asking them to be drug tested. Why I ask?

Who do we want to become? Is it kissing the feet of corporate America, while providing them with millions in tax cuts as we silently wish to be them? Chanting the mantra of capitalism in the hope and dream that we too can reach this peak and look down upon those who have not “made it” as we count our money and feeling “blessed” that our God has given us such a life. Yet fault the less fortunate for not making their life better.

Who do we want to become? Is it stoking the fire of fear and despair and creating a world where we believe first and second amendment rights are ready to be ripped away from us from some unknown force? Where in turn we pack on the guns, (to protect ourselves from ourselves), store survival gear in preparation of Armageddon and ready ourselves to kill our neighbors if necessary.

Who do we want to become? I want none of the above. Yet daily I read of Bills being passed that are leading us down this dangerous, self-righteous slope. Soon to hit a very dark bottom. I have the desire and the will to fight this with compassion, love, and a desperation that our world will not end up this way. I refuse to spit upon those who have not what I have, I refuse to fuel the fire of fear, I refuse to think that one religion is the only way out of here. I refuse to think that more guns are the answer as I watch time and again the young children dying needlessly. I refuse to believe that the little guy does not matter. So I will help you someday, if I see that you need something and I can help. I will give you my hand without asking your religion or political interests. I will share a smile with you without asking if you pay your taxes or have a green card handy. I will not look at your age, race or sexual orientation in determining if you are worthy of my time. I refuse to lose my humanity. Who do you want to become?imagesQUJGV984

Random Thoughts Of Thankfulness…

Lavendar Sunshine (wallpaper4me.com)

     Some thoughts on what I am thankful for….I have limited myself to those random thoughts that immediately flooded my head…the ones that rushed in as I opened the gates. They seemed most eager to express themselves…yet know there are many more unwritten that I have not pulled from my heart and painted with words.

 I am thankful for the wonderful yellow sun…warming me from inside out and making me squint into a wrinkled smile – I can not imagine life without it

 I am thankful for the summer breeze that cools my skin when I think I can barely take the sweltering heat of the sun for one more minute

 I am thankful for spring which is the earth’s promise to me that new life is forthcoming and once again I will be captivated by rows of exquisite flowers for sale with lush shades of color coaxing me to once more try my hand at gardening

I am thankful for the autumn change of leaves, the beauty of which astounds me and takes away my sadness at my gardening failures now withering before me

I am thankful for the brisk winter cold, for without it I don’t know if I would fully appreciate the ongoing heat of the summer

I am thankful for the courtesy of others, strangers who hold the door open when my hands are full- I hope to return the favor by instinct and not obligation

I am thankful for the kindness of others, who are willing to acknowledge my presence with a smile or a hello,  as I hope to do in return

I am thankful for color…..what would life be like in black and white…never to look at the sunset or sunrise with the amazing glows of pinks, reds and purples…the green grass after a rain…and the blue sky above me….oh I could go on about color which is one of my favorite things in life

I am thankful for love…the feeling of completeness that it gives me…purpose…and connection with others. My friends and my family, loved ones here and gone- so important to my past and imprinted onto my future and always present

I am thankful for those who have taught me about the hardships of life: pain, fear, suffering. For without their courage, my life would not be the same. Showing me that life is so much more and coaxing me to think outside of the box time and time again.

I am so thankful for those who encourage my dreams and hopes and love me for who I am. Laughing with me at life and holding me when I cry. They accept my quirks, my off track thoughts and liberal values.

I am thankful for awakening the ability to feel compassion and empathy for others- I truly feel connected to a life truth in some way as I witness another’s life with a semblance of understanding. A gift so to speak that we all have – yet many never opened. I love this particular awakening and encourage anyone else to seek it.

I am thankful for my breath- for the ability to draw upon it at those moments when stress and emotions take hostage of my body, a deep intoxicating breath that grounds my feet and clears my head. Always there to the end, breath gets me through the hardest moments.

I am thankful for my days upon this earth, and if I should end my time here tomorrow…I would be thankful for having experienced this amazing journey.

The Power Of Fear And Intolerance

      Fear and intolerance go hand in hand in our world today. It is as if they are intertwined at the root and feed off of each other in a vicious, toxic cycle. Fear is defined as an emotion induced by a perceived threat that causes animals to move quickly away from the location of the perceived threat, and sometimes hide.(Wikipedia). Intolerance is defined as refusal to tolerate or respect contrary opinions or beliefs…. (Dictionay.com) The two together create a caustic mix with dangerous and possibly violent results.    

      I believe we have created this poisonous combo to serve our own interests. By using fear, we can impress our own intolerant beliefs upon others. It is so very prevalent in our society stinging it’s victims with a venom of hate unlike any other. Why do we perpetuate this bad relationship? Why can’t we see through the fog of fear as it surrounds us and we lose our way? Instead we blindly follow others down their path and cling to their intolerance, owning it as ours.    

      Sometimes I wonder where the human race is headed. It has always been my hope that through life lessons we would learn not to fear and to beat back the bully of intolerance. I think it is a very hard battle to win. The early days of equal rights was a long and hard-fought fight. Many lives lost along the way- lost to intolerance and fear. But have we learned from the past? Unfortunately, I don’t think we have. Yes, these are powerful forces that can literally kill and do still take lives today. And we stand by and shake our heads and feel lucky that it did not happen where we live. Forgetting that fear and intolerance know no boundaries. Eventually you will have a loved one affected directly and then you may arise from indifference -feeling the sting from a reality awakening.    

       Don’t stand for intolerance. It doesn’t become you. It doesn’t become our society either. If you don’t rid yourself of bigoted thoughts and ideals you will never truly see the beauty of humanity. The beauty in all of us regardless of the color of our skin, age, gender, sexual preference, and religious beliefs just to name a few. You will be taught to fear that which is different from you instead of embracing the variety of life. Empathy is the key. It is the antidote for which we should all seek. It will take time. No more hiding in fear. No more refusing to respect contrary beliefs, opinions, and those who are different that ourselves. Are we up for it? Oh, but can we afford the alternative?