Dear Maggie



Dear Maggie,

I wish to thank you for your undying,extreme patience. Such a virtue that not many possess, including me. But you, you are something special. Your guidance is unending and your calm demeanor astounds me. There are times when we seem in such a state of panic, the anxiety rises as the road ahead seems so unsure. Your confidence pulls us through every time. I will say that I would not be upset if just once you blurted out maybe a word or two in exasperation. I would truly understand. Sometimes, I think I hear a bit of tenseness, quite similar to that of a parent talking with a clenched jaw after 10 minutes of a child that does not listen. Say it is so, tell me that I am not just imagining all of this. Just once do not announce that you are willing to “recalculate” but let it out…it would make me smile and that tenseness I am beginning to note, I think that may be alleviated as well. Thank you again for your services Maggie Magellan.


The Travelers

Fifty is the New Thirty

So I have heard that 50 is considered the new 30. I am happy to announce I will be celebrating my 32nd birthday in October. Someone needs to break the news to my family. My children are headed towards the near side to the 30 mark and I am sure they see me as much older (didn’t we at their age?) My older relatives shake their heads and wonder when I will grow up and act my age. Can you blame me? At this point I don’t know how old to act. I enjoy activity and my husband and I love to ride our 4 wheeler and razr. Sure there have been some accidents and a trip to the hospital. And they all (young and old) give us a stern look like we should know better. Geez almost thought we were going to be grounded for that one. We like to kayak and camp (sometimes in bear country and very primitive – you know wash in the creek and use of a one star outhouse facility) and take our toy hauler on the road. I remember when we road the Harley to Sturgis I thought I may be disowned upon our return. Recently someone at work asked me what dangerous weekend activity I had lined up for the next weekend. Huh? Why shouldn’t I push the 30 thing to the limit. Who knows next year they may announce 50 considered the new 70 and where would I be then. Besides I need to zipline yet and then climb some ancient ruins in Mexico and Peru…I’ll send them a postcard.