We Need To Talk Guns…

     Guns, sleek and sexy steel…providing a potent courage and air of confidence when held in one’s hand. Power emanates forth just by the touch against the skin. Finite power beyond any other. The power to take life in a second. The power to put fear into the minds of others and manipulate their actions by simply pointing this piece of innate material. Simply intoxicating and seductive to many.

     Guns…so succinctly we exterminated the native Americans with these weapons. Guns…so deftly we have fought world wars protecting our freedom and the design of democracy. Guns…beloved by hunters in the woods and those fed by the success of the hunt. Guns…now worn by many to protect themselves in the park, the grocery store and other carry concealed friendly places. Have we so evolved that we now must carry guns to live our daily lives without fear? Or is it the fear we live with that makes us carry the gun? Me, I fear those who carry the gun and carry the fear.

     These past few years we have often been reminded of the US Constitution drafted so many years ago by our forefathers. Today constitutional rights are levied around the conversation with a concerned heaviness of pending doom. I feel it in others and see it in their words yet I do not understand their language There is much talk about second amendment rights…Talk is always good. Talk can make change and compromise. But talk is not easy when it is heavy stuff like guns and the right to bear arms. Issues that are held dear to the heart of many a man and woman, filled with emotion and deep belief and desire for self-preservation.

     With due respect…I am tired of the senseless killings of rage, the devastating accidental shootings and the malevolent massacres of the many innocents. I am tired of being told that the right to bear arms is in jeopardy when the talk is of gun control, better registration and shutting off access to automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines. It is a complicated problem and involves more than the metal “piece” and issues of mental health must also be discussed. But honestly, I must ask who needs an AK 15 to hunt? Who needs a Bushwhacker rifle to protect their home/family? Must we all become doomsday preppers to protect ourselves from each other?270564_517552984939065_1183388354_n

     I ask you…when we are all in the grocery store and someone draws their gun…and then the next one does in response….and the next one….and so on….who wins this battle or do we all die in the fight not knowing who was the “bad guy” with the gun. I digress. But I admit it is hard for me to understand all of this.

But talk is important. Listening is important. Change is important. Compromise is essential.


My Resolutions…2013

526772_532712873423076_748988913_n      New Year’s Resolutions….too often equated with a silly annual attempt to make some drastic life change. Why does this have to be a half-hearted thought complete with a nod and wink to defeat. I vow that this year…it will be different for me. Oh I may try to eat healthier…sleep more…and cut out some of the wine (maybe). But these are not resolutions about my life, they are mere attempts I will make now and again to get my body back on track. My resolutions- declarations as they are- will encompass my life as a human being and not what society determines through mass commercials of dream diets and exotic exercise equipment.

     As you sit and ponder your New Year’s Resolutions…I ask you to consider this to be the year of your personal declaration of who you are and strive to be each day. There will be moments of regression (much like eating cake on a diet) but overall…the awareness and focus of being a better person within our souls regardless of our body shapes and sizes.

So here I write my life resolutions….

I resolve to be a better listener to others- for when one speaks they do so with the desire to be heard. One of the greatest gifts we can give another is letting their voice speak their thoughts. Wars have been fought over the right to be heard and many have died trying. It is a basic human right to have a voice, to be seen and noted. Yet, this is difficult…very difficult especially when the words do not connect with my own. I realize this and desire to make a better effort to open my ears and close my mouth more.

I resolve to be a better steward to the planet earth. I am concerned about the future of the earth and our impact upon what life holds for our children and grandchildren. Nature’s beauty and our wonderful planet has been taken for granted way too long and I must do my part to respect this world that I live upon. I have so long been a taker and cluttered the world with my garbage. I hope to explore ways to change, be kinder in my consumption.

I resolve to live more in the present. It is truly a gift from the universe and one I never fully unwrap as I throw back the covers and begin my day. I have lists of things to do, lists of things undone and lists of things yet to be completed. Lists upon lists filling up my tomorrows before I ever get there. I am clearing them from my head and paper. Today I will do what seems to fit into my day and no more or less. I will find contentment in this day and when it is done…be grateful for it. I will enjoy each season as it comes – unique that it is and full of the unexpected. I will breathe deep the crisp, cool winter air and amaze myself with the world outside as it rests in wait of spring. I will marvel at the new spring buds and blossoms as they unabashedly abound with a desire to survive. I will warm my bones and my soul in the summer sunshine and welcome the sweat of the summer heat. I will watch the beauty of fall, walking in the woods and sitting by a fire as the world gets painted in warmth of reds, oranges and yellows. Knowing that soon winter will be back and change will circle around again.

I resolve to spread kindness…pay it forward if you will. It can be free to give and anyone who receives unfettered compassion from another will tell you- it is priceless. To keep myself mindful of this, I will each month have at least one anonymous act of unexpected kindness completed…maybe more. Each day is filled with possibilities…and honestly should result in at least one simple act of kindness on a daily basis. If you have never done this before, try it. The unexpected thoughtfulness may really make an impression on someone who needs to again believe in this world. Unfortunately, we see mainly that which is dark, depressing and violent in our world as we watch the news. It makes us scared, defensive and builds walls of insecurity that separates us from each other.  I do not want to live in such a world that fills me with fear and the utter belief that I have no control.  Actually, I refuse to believe it.  So I will take control of my world, resolve to live in the present, effectively listen to others, be kinder to my planet and sprinkle a bit of kindness, compassion with others and see what grows. I invite you to join me and see what we can do over the next year. We can make change and it is time to do so. I resolve to try.