The Price Of Empathy

 I wear my emotions on my sleeve, all there for others to see- a designer label of sorts and every bit as expensive. But I am willing to pay the price. You see, my return is greater and worth the cost.

     I appreciate that I can freely cry tears of unabashed joy, painful sorrow and even those unexpected- yet welcome “let go” tears coming from my spirit deep within me. I respect the salty tears that make their way down my face. They help make me a better, kinder person. Empathy is the valve – opening it lets the waters flow. It is as simple as taking me to a sad movie and if I have read the book- I will cry before the opening credits. I tear up as I watch someone in pure happiness on tv, my eyes fill quickly as I behold despair and destruction. Empathy has been one of the biggest teachers in my life. I am forever grateful for having the ability to remove myself from me and give a bit of me to another even if just for a moment. Seeing their struggle, their life experience outside of my own

     Many people tend to think that crying is a weakness…oh but they are wrong. It takes a strong person to give up the control of their emotions and feel…really feel life. Being able to wander away from my comfort zone and into the uncomfortable in front of me. Embracing the unrefined moments and being witness to raw humanity is powerful as I let it take me along. It is not always pleasant but it is real. It can cause me grief, anxiety and lamentation. It can be extremely painful to partake. However, looking beyond gives me a sense of connection, peace and humility.

     I fear that many people in this hectic, dog eat dog world have forgotten to empathize. Making empathy a lost art, they now walk around disconnected with others. No longer taking the time to listen and validate others lives…instead voice mails, texts and emails are sent. It is easy to fool oneself in thinking that one is more connected than ever. However, refusing to walk in the shoes of others, seeking only that which serves one’s own interests. Bullying, bigotry and intolerance begin to soak the soles- as well as the souls. Where are we headed, I ask. I don’t know…I do know that I will continue to seek that special connection that empathy brings…it is worth the price I pay.

4 Replies to “The Price Of Empathy”

  1. Loved this piece of thought! You are absolutely right, empathy is almost lost from this selfish world! But nice to know there are some souls like you who think such noble things 🙂


  2. Empathy… so much more valuable than sympathy. And yes, we do need to listen, to be there in person to truly empathize.
    One thing, though, I’ve observed recently, especially in light of the current political atmosphere, is that social media – where we can connect from a distance… test the waters, as it were — has let me peek into the minds and souls of people who I’ve learned think and feel as I do about subjects I never would have simply brought up in person, for fear of an unpleasant interchange. Once we make that post, share that story, though, and see those “Like” clicks… we develop a connection. And a new form of empathy begins.
    It’s a changing, changed world. We no longer see each other each day at the local butcher, or the corner Post Office as we collect our mail… But yet, as humans, we still find a way to fill that need to connect. That gives me hope!
    Your eloquence is so appreciated.


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